Increase Efficiencies, Lower Operational Costs, and Empower Employees 

As companies push for increased staff productivity, operational efficiencies, and strategic impact, many remain challenged by time spent on tedious, repetitive tasks. Further, an explosion in data growth, the resulting need for advanced analytics, and increasing competitive environments and customer demands have more and more organizations than ever looking to Intelligent Automation to help address these obstacles.

CTG’s Intelligent Automation Services and experts leverage technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and corresponding copilots, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Workflow Automation to streamline, automate, and optimize business processes by reducing the human burden associated with manual, dated, repetitive, and unrewarding tasks.

Intelligent Automation’s Global Acceleration

IDC predicts that 40% of Global 2000 organizations will double their use of intelligent automation in knowledge retention, dissemination, and information synthesis by 2026, filling the skills vacuum in the data-to-insights lifecycle.

CTG’s solutions augment human intelligence to deliver tangible business results:

  • Collateral/Reports

    Increased confidence in reporting and data-driven decision making

  • User Interaction

    Improved customer experiences and engagement

  • Efficiency/Growth

    New market and growth opportunities

  • Efficiency

    Improved operational efficiencies

  • Decline

    Reduced operational risks

  • Social Media

    Improved employee productivity, moral, and retention

  • Performance Speed

    Accelerated innovation and time-to-market

  • Analytics

    Improved forecasting based on actionable insights

  • Secure

    Improved data privacy


Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption will be critical for organizations to compete and grow in today’s marketplace. CTG helps accelerate your journey to incorporating AI into your business, ranging from preparing for upcoming AI tools like M365 Copilot to implementing dedicated AI services into your existing systems using Microsoft OpenAI technologies. By leveraging leading technology solutions from our partner community—Microsoft, AWS, UiPath, Nintex, and more—and proprietary AI tools, such as vBots and vChat, we enable intelligent decision making and automation.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) uses a software robot (“bot”) to perform repetitive, rule-based business tasks and activities, frequently for the individual process owners. Because RPA works well with structured data and repeatable, well-defined tasks, it offers an easy entry point for organizations just beginning automation initiatives that drive rapid operational efficiencies and time savings.

CTG’s proprietary, plug-and-play bot platform, vBots, combined with leading partner technologies such as UiPath, allow the fast and easy deployment of RPA bots to create individual automation that can also be scaled to empower more employees and teams.

Work Smarter and Faster With Microsoft Copilots

Microsoft Copilots are AI-powered assistants designed to work alongside humans to enhance productivity and speed. As they are released to the public, CTG will guide clients through the process of implementing these innovative new tools powered by generative AI tech, including:

M365 Copilot: Embeds AI into general Office tasks to empower users

Sales Copilot: Connects to Sales/CRM systems to accelerate/simplify Sales tasks

GitHub Copilot: Equips developers with AI during the development process

Copilot Stack: Provides a platform where developers/ implementors can create custom Copilots

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation connects multiple tasks to accelerate and streamline an entire business process. Working together with automation technologies like RPA, it simplifies and increases the efficiency of work processes while eliminating human error. By reducing manual and paper-based processes and managing multiple tasks seamlessly across systems and people, organizations can decrease costs, improve efficiencies, redirect resources to new and more strategic priorities, and improve employee collaboration and productivity.

Adopting low-code and no-code development is making it easier than ever for businesses to visualize their processes and automate workflows with a few clicks to rapidly address changing needs without the need to hire full-time developers. Low-code and no-code development democratizes the ability to build business applications by empowering more employees—not just tech developers—to problem-solve.


As a leading intelligent automation consulting services company, CTG leverages partnerships with best-in-class automation technology providers and proprietary tools to ensure the outcomes you require. With our expertise, we guide you to the right technology to modernize your unique business, from Microsoft Copilots, to RPA technologies such as vBots and UiPath, to workflow automation technologies from Microsoft Power Platform (including Power Automate and Power Apps), and testing automation from Keysight Technologies (Eggplant DAI) and Ranorex.

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