Major oil and gas company

Our client is a major international oil company that specializes in exploration, production, and oil and gas development. Based in Alaska, they operate various single and joint ownership oil and gas properties on the North Slope, one of the most remote geographic regions in North America. The client has a highly complex business environment that is heavily regulated by the state and federal government, with a focus on environmental protections.


The company’s large fleet of company and contractor-owned vehicles and field equipment require them to collect and process vast amounts of fuel data, consisting of up to 350,000 transactions a year. Previously, its fuel truck operators were responsible for recording equipment numbers and cost codes to allocate costs manually using paper forms and Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, the client lacked the ability to monitor the fueling of its company and contractor owned equipment, making it difficult for them to accurately report the quantities of fuel used by various groups. The client recognized the shortcomings of its data collection system and wanted to enable greater data-driven decision-making by improving fuel usage tracking for accounting and regulatory purposes.


CTG delivered a system to help automate the client’s data collection, processing, and cost accounting for fuel distribution. The system includes a fuel meter with electronic asset tags that send radio frequency wireless signals from the fuel truck driver to the truck computer. It also records the data and caps the amount of fuel that can be pumped into equipment to prevent overfills. CTG also developed an intranet-accessible, web-based application for processing fuel data collected during fuel truck operator shifts, which eliminates the burden of having to fill out paper-based forms and Excel spreadsheets.

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