Telecommunications Operator

Our client is a major UK telecommunications Operator.


The UK Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA 2010) and (as of 2016) the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA 2016) regulations allow UK law enforcement can request a range of communications data in support of criminal, public safety, and fraud investigations. To meet this requirement, the telecom operator conducted an industry procurement exercise, and ultimately selected CTG because of its mature, robust, and feature-rich lawful Disclosure Management System (DMS) that is used by more than 4,000 Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) officers around the world.


Working with several the telecom operator’s cross-functional teams, CTG developed 27 new DMS application end-user features over a 20-month period before the application went live. Since initial go-live, CTG has continued to provide DMS enhancements, including a new Machine-To-Machine Application Protocol Interface (API) upgrade required to support direct LEA connectivity. The DMS application has remained both robust and stable throughout and, to date, receives more than 50,000 disclosure requests on an annual basis from law enforcement. These results demonstrate the importance of the DMS to the lawful disclosure and specialist telecoms teams in the prevention of crime, saving lives, and supporting the criminal justice system.

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