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There are a number of technologies available on the market focused on managing operations. However, choosing the right technology can be cumbersome and time consuming.

CTG has a standardized approach to define your requirements and find the right technologies to meet them.

THAT’S WHY CTG OFFERS Technology selectION

Ensuring your people have the right tools for the job at hand is critical in bringing value to your business.

We work with you to define your business needs and decide on the right IT solutions to meet them. Once the best solution for your business has been identified, CTG's design, development, and testing services are delivered by skilled technicians equipped with an array of proprietary methodologies and databases of best practices.

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    Tools Fit-for-Purpose

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    Best-in-Class Technology

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    Value for Money

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    Modern Solutions

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    Integrated Tooling Landscape

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    Satisfied Users


CTG experts support you in your technology selection, improvement or implementation tracks. To this end, based on both previous experiences as well as our in-depth knowledge of the evolutions in the tooling market, we can act as neutral partners to clarify and define your business needs and decide on the right IT solutions - matching your current landscape - to meet them.

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    New Technology Selection

    Supporting your selection tracks and improvement tracks

    • Right tools for the challenge at hand
    • Clarifying your business requirements
    • Matching against possible candidates
    • Help select the best possible solutions based
    • Market analysis and in-depth experience.
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    SDLC Tooling Analysis and Integration

    Adapting your existing landscape to support digital transformation 

    • Understand changing demands from both business and IT organizations
    • Swiftly adapt your tooling landscape
    • Completing the gaps in your SDLC tool chain
    • End-to-end integrated toolchain

Our strong, strategic partnerships have allowed us to better serve the needs of our clients for more than 50 years.

Given the accelerated pace at which new technologies emerge and the specialized and evolving needs of our clients, it’s essential that we leverage industry partnerships to amplify the value we provide to clients.

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