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CTG’s Application Performance Management (APM) solutions focus on the end-user experience and the business processes that support that experience. CTG’s proprietary framework, APM BoX, ensures that your IT organization's efforts align clearly —across the software development lifecycle (SDLC)—with your organization’s business priorities.

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Our clients rely on applications and software that run smoothly and provide a best-in-class user experience. CTG's APM solutions result in a roadmap that allows clients to leverage a successful APM-enabled approach that is unique to their organization’s environment and results in a seamless integration of IT and the business.

Benefits and Features
  • Improved End-User Experience

  • Increased Collaboration; Diminished Organizational Silos

  • Ensures Full, End-To-End Visibility and Control

  • Reduces Complexity of Infrastructure and Application Management

  • Aligns IT Efforts with Business Priorities

CTG’s Performance Solutions include:

  • Performance Management and Optimization: We provide services that increase collaboration between IT teams, and between IT and the business organizations; improve client focus; and reduce the complexity of infrastructure and application management.
  • Performance Testing: Performance Testing ensures timely verification of new application versions before deploying them to production environments. Our proven APM BoX framework and tooling partnerships bring additional value to every CTG Performance Testing engagement.
  • APM SDLC Integration: CTG’s experienced consultants understand that APM is critical across the SDLC—from software development, to quality assurance, to IT Service Management. Our approach creates the necessary synergy between internal departments and external partners, such as cloud service providers, to ensure quality throughout the SDLC.
  • APM Agile Approach: CTG's Agile software development process facilitates code optimization through code profiling, detects potential performance or regression issues during Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery, and results in software delivery that is designed with performance assurance and operational readiness in mind.

Our strong, strategic partnerships have allowed us to better serve the needs of our clients for more than 50 years.

Given the accelerated pace at which new technologies emerge and the specialized and evolving needs of our clients, it’s essential that we leverage industry partnerships to amplify the value we provide to clients.

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