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CTG’s BPM offerings are delivered using a standard documentation approach to avoid discrepancies, and include Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) training to ensure continuous improvement for your processes.

BPMN has become the standard language of the Business Process Expert, usable for descriptive process modeling, simulation analysis, and even executable implementation design of end-to-end business processes. BPMN is simple enough to be readily understandable by business, yet rich enough to support executable implementation – without changing the underlying metamodel.

BPMN is used by the Business Process Expert who is neither a traditional developer nor a traditional business analyst, but is able to apply the concepts, metrics, and performance objectives of business in the analysis, design, and optimization of IT implementations capable of executing and monitoring cross-functional processes.


BPMN is a graphical notation for modeling business processes. It is key to Business Process Management and visually depicts a detailed sequence of business activities and information flows needed to complete a process.

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    Improve Process Communication

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    Deep Understanding

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    Industry Standardized

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    Facilitates Collaboration

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    Control and Consistency

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    Visual Problem Solving


Instead of trying to automate and optimize individual functional units, like sales, supply chain, and customer service, in isolation, BPM views your company from the perspective of end-to-end cross-functional processes – exactly the way your clients and trading partners see you.  At the same time, new BPM tools have emerged that let you model, automate, measure, and optimize the business from such an end-to-end process perspective.

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    Implement Visual Paradigm

    CTG is an official partner of Visual Paradigm, a leading software for BPMN notation and automation. We provide the software and the implementation of Visual Paradigm.

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    BPMN Training

    Understanding how to model processes effectively using BPMN is becoming a must-have skill for the Business Process Expert. CTG provides BPMN training learning this language and how to use it onwards.

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    Process Documentation

    CTG uses BPMN as the language to easily capture business processes in each consultancy track. Understanding the process, each activity and each information flow is essential for successful implementations of processes.

Our strong, strategic partnerships have allowed us to better serve the needs of our clients for more than 50 years.

Given the accelerated pace at which new technologies emerge and the specialized and evolving needs of our clients, it’s essential that we leverage industry partnerships to amplify the value we provide to clients.

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