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CTG teams use BPMN to document the opportunities for process optimization and then apply robotic process automation, using UiPath, to streamline processes by reducing the need for human decision and intervention.

CTG uses a Fast Foundation approach, standardizing and highly optimizing the ROI from the start of the project to the first realization in production. With the Fast Foundation approach, your first steps in RPA are made at a reduced price and with quick results, enabling a better understanding of the value RPA can bring to your organization. CTG combines this automation with Artificial intelligence, enabling companies to scale faster, 24x7 and at a high accuracy.

THAT’S WHY CTG OFFERS Robotic Process Automation

Robot Process Automation (RPA) allows business processes to be strongly optimized by having very repetitive, rule-based business processes executed by a (software) robot instead of doing them manually.

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    Reduced TCO

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    Higher Quality Outcome

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    Faster Processing

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    Audit Log of Activities

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CTG'S Robotic Process Automation SOLUTION

With an RPA implementation companies reduce the cost of manual process steps, increase scalability, security and processing time. CTG assists in each step towards maximal return of the RPA initiatives.

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    Process Documentation

    CTG assists you in determining the process, process steps, involved actions, … and have it documented and optimized before starting an automation track. Using BPMN as the main process notation approach, we create together an extensive Process Description Documentation. 

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    Process Automation

    When a process is well-documented and highly scriptable, CTG will automate the process using a software robot (UiPath), EDI integration(s) and/or AI assistance.

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    Centre of Excellence

    Once automated, you need to be able to monitor, correct and evolve the automations where needed, following your business changes and needs. CTG assists in setting-up a proper centre of excellence.

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