Validate and manage the overall application performance

More and more customers abandon slow or buggy applications. That's why performance testing is becoming more and more important. With a decent and structured approach, performance testing aims at determing how a system performs from an end user perspective in terms of responsiveness, stability, scalability, availability, reliability and resource usage.

By doing so we can detect any performance concerns prior to the release. No matter what the project methodology is (waterfall, agile,…), performance testing should be structurally and continuously embedded through all phases of the development lifecycle of your application.

THAT’S WHY CTG offers performance testing services

Implementing a structured and continuous performance testing approach offers your organization following benefits:

  • Performance

    Early Detection of Performance Bottlenecks

  • Risk

    Satisfy Customers' Performance Expectations

  • Operations

    Avoid Bad Brand Reputation

  • Advantage/Strategy

    Ensure Business Continuity

  • Safety

    Control Release Costs

  • Security

    Guarantee Continuous Delivery

CTG'S Test Performance Services

These are the services that your organization can benefit from: 

  • Process

    Performance Testing as Umbrella

    • Capacity testing
    • Concurrency testing
    • Endurance testing
    • Load testing
    • Spike testing
    • Stress testing
  • Cloud Migration

    Perspectives as Guide for Your Approach

    • End-user perspective
    • Technical perspective
    • Solution perspective
  • Analytics

    Structured and Iterative Approach

    • Script
    • Execute
    • Analyze
    • Report

The CTG partner network is built to combine today’s leading technologies with CTG’s digital transformation IT solutions and services to accelerate our clients’ transformation initiatives.

Given the accelerated pace at which new technologies emerge and the specialized and evolving needs of our clients, it’s essential that we leverage industry partnerships to amplify the value we provide to clients.

Our strong partner network provides clients with even greater speed, adaptability, and confidence that their IT and digital transformation initiatives will be powered by the technologies, skills, methodologies, and industry experience necessary to achieve their desired business, technology, and operational outcomes.

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