International Oil and Gas Client

Based in Alaska, the client is engaged in exploration, production, and development of oil and gas and are responsible for operating various oil and gas properties on the North Slope of Alaska that are leased from the state. The operating environment is heavily regulated by the state and federal government, with a strong focus on environmental protection.


Timely, reliable, and actionable information is a strategic asset to help organizations improve financial and operational outcomes and overall business performance. The challenge and opportunity is how to transform vast amounts of organizational data into tangible knowledge that leads to informed, data-driven decision-making. The client embraced this opportunity for better data management and transformation with the added objective of ensuring that going forward, business decisions are not only grounded in real-time data, but also improve cost efficiencies. The client identified the need to better manage their organizational data across the different business units.


CTG consultants helped the client to adopt enterprise information management technology, processes, and tools, which would provide the client with a scalable IT platform for implementing the integrated business reporting environment. The resulting KPI reports and executive dashboards presented on-demand business information at any level, function, asset, or department to help the client make informed, intelligent business decisions. By transforming data and information into knowledge plans that drive profitable business actions, the client would has a clear roadmap on what they should do next given what has happened so far.

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