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The One-Stop-Shop for GDPR Compliance: Data Governance, Information Security, Legal, and Administrative controls are integrated in CTG’s GDPR Compliance Service.

"Data is the new oil" may be the mantra for a lot of businesses, but it will most certainly not apply for personal data. Under the GDPR, the processing of personal data is bound to strict rules and conditions with the objective to ensure that the rights and freedoms of individuals are protected.

GDPR compliance is not only an administrative or legal matter, nor is it only about implementing security and IT controls. GDPR compliance encompasses all of these and that is exactly what we offer to ensure that you are fully protected.

Compliance for all businesses, including your business

No matter what GDPR challenge you may face, we can offer the right solution or service that will meet your compliance need, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Ctg Icon Performance

    Improved Reputation

  • Ctg Icon Risk

    Improved Information Security

  • Ctg Icon Operations

    Improved Data Management

  • Ctg Icon Advantage

    Reduced Maintenance Cost and Less Privacy Risk

  • Ctg Icon Safety

    Improved Competitive Advantage

  • Ctg Icon Security

    More Loyalty and Higher Trust


GDPR Services

Integrated and flexible services and solutions to address your needs concerning automation, data governance, administration, security and legal aspects.

CTG’s approach to GDPR compliance

CTG’s overarching GDPR compliance approach enables your organization to tackle any compliance challenge you may face. Legal matters, IT and Security technical matters are safe in our hands for resolution or remediation.

  • Ctg Icon Process

    GDPR Assessment

    Identify GDPR gaps and define remediation to close the gaps

    • Interviews with staff
    • Desk reviews of policies, procedures, processes
    • Delivery of roadmap for remediation
  • Ctg Icon Storage

    GDPR Table Top Exercises (TTX)

    Simulate a Data Breach and/or Data Subject Request

    • Validation of your process with your key players
    • Simulation in a non-threatening environment
    • Real life scenarios
    • Qualitative and quantitative performance measurement
    • Objective and fair grading regardless of facilitator
    • Transparent management report
    • Benchmark data
  • Ctg Icon Analytics

    DPO as a Service

    Immediate, short-term and temporary assistance to address GDPR challenges

    • Pay for Performance
    • Wide range of DPO service offerings:
      - DPIA execution
      - Data breach handling
      - GDPR assessment
      - …
    • 24/7 on-call service
    • GDPR help desk
    • DPO independence
  • Ctg Academy Logo


    Build knowledge into your organization

    • Awareness creation on all organizational levels and departments
    • IAPP certification: CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPT
    • Standard vs tailored training
  • Ctg Icon Security

    Privacy Automation and Data Management

    Automate privacy processes and manage personal data

    • Data security implementation
    • E-discovery of structured and unstructured data
    • Privacy office automation
    • Data subject request automation
    • Cookie compliance
    • Data breach handling
    • Privacy dashboards
  • Ctg Icon Safety

    Data Protection Framework Implementation

    Implement GDPR to your specific needs

    • Privacy policies and procedures
    • Records of processing
    • Data breaches
    • Data Protection Agreements
    • Data Subject Access Rights
    • Consent management
    • Privacy Notices
    • DPIA and Privacy by Design

View our GDPR overview collateral for more information about how CTG can help you achieve and maintain compliance.

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Looking for more information about our TTX services? View our collateral now to learn more.

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