The A.S.Z. is a Flemish hospital that provides highquality care in three locations: Aalst, Geraardsbergen, and Wetteren. The hospital has 572 beds and employs 1,972 staff members and 260 doctors. Together with the OLV Hospital, AZ Sint-Maria Halle, and UZ Brussels, it is part of the Curoz hospital network.


As part of their strategic goal of providing “excellent, high-quality and innovative  patient-driven care,” the hospital committed to the practical implementation of the Clinical Work Station. After the successful implementation of the administrative,  medical, and medication part, the roll-out of the care module was started. The workload for the internal EMR implementation team increased to such an extent that a temporary expansion of the team was found necessary.


For this assignment, CTG selected profiles with specific nursing knowledge. The medical software consultants mainly provided:
• EMR customization
• Configuration of the care module for the departments that were still starting up
• End-user training
• On-site supervision of the nurses and doctors during start-up
• Support during the aftercare period

Read the Full Case Study Here

Read the Full Case Study Here in Dutch

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